2013 Honor

The Digital Family Outstanding Achievement Honor is bestowed annually upon a person whose leadership, technical innovation, business acumen and community involvement have made a significant impact on Southern California’s digital media community.

Selected by members of the Digital Family community, the Outstanding Achievement Honor recognizes those exceptional individuals whose achievements have impacted our local economy, advanced our community and inspired our collective vision for what is possible in the greater technology and business communities.

Digital Family ’13 Outstanding Achievement Honor

Presented to

Ken Rutkowski

In recognition of extraordinary contribution to the Southern California technology and business communities.

Listen to Amanda Coolong’s (Tech Zulu) interview, with Ken Rutkowski


Ken Rutkowski

Ken is an ideation, innovation, and collaboration catalyst; the connective tissue between change agents; and a community architect for doers shaping our future. He does this across multiple channels, including his syndicated radio show ‘Business Rockstars’ that is the insider’s guide to the global business leaders; his weekly, METal (Media, Entertainment and Technology Alpha Leaders) events that showcase the smartest thinkers to the bravest innovators throughout the world; and his tireless strategizing, networking and mentoring of strategic business partnerships remaking the digital economy.

As a thought leader, networker and influencer across multiple industries, Ken has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, Business Week, Asahi Shinbun, Bangkok Times, Finland Helsingin Sanomat, and dozens of other publications worldwide.

He has been a featured presenter, speaker and moderator at technology and media conferences including Milken Institute Global Conference, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), The National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB), CTIA, National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), Digital Hollywood, Internet World, LA Games Conference, XMediaLab, GadgetFest, and Future of Television Conference. He has also spoken at the many of the most prestigious U.S. universities including Loyola, Northwestern, Illinois, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, USC and Berkeley, preparing the brightest minds for brilliant careers.

Connected, collaborative and catalytic, Ken moves effortlessly between industries, technologies and relationships, perfecting the human factor of the technology equation that daily defines our future.

Past DFR Outstanding Achievement Honor recipients have included Nolan Bushnell (2008), Scott Painter (2009), William Quigley (2010), Eric Pulier (2011) and Jim Jonassen (2012).